Slimming World Day 6 – Don’t be a Silly Sausage!

Six days in a row sticking to plan and each day learning more about it.

I thought it would be helpful to share with you that whilst checking the Treat (Syn) Value of my Quorn Sausages this morning I noticed that there are quite a few different types and that the Treat Value can be anything from Free to 2 per Sausage.

I have listed what I could find below:

Quorn Sausages, frozen 10 pack (37.5g each) ½
Quorn Low Fat Sausages, frozen 6 pack (50g each) FREE
Quorn Cocktail Sausages, chilled 180g pack (15g each) 1
Quorn Chefs Selection Sausages with Garlic & Parsley, chilled 4 pack (60g each)
Quorn Chefs Selection Best of British Sausages, chilled 4 pack (60g each) 2
Quorn Sausages, frozen 8 pack (42g each) 1
Quorn Cumberland Sausages, chilled 6 pack (50g each) 1
Quorn Sausages, chilled 6 pack (42g each) 1

It would be really easy to assume that they are all Free, but now you know otherwise, don’t  be a Silly Sausage and get caught out  –  check if it’s a Syn before you tuck in!

Below is my Food Diary for today:

Keys used are as follows F = Free, S = Speed and T = Syns (I prefer to call them Treats)

All Treat Values are taken from Syns Online which is exclusive to Slimming World Members

All visible fat has been removed from any Meat

Breakfast – Sausage & Beans

Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce (F) mixed with Tinned Potatoes (F), 3 Cooked and Sliced Quorn Sausages (T3) and Topped with 20g of Low Fat Cheddar Cheese (1/2 of my Healthy Extra A Choice) . Forgot to take a picture but I will be making it again!

Lunch – Open Salmon Sandwich

2 Slices Hovis Wholemeal Bread from a 400g Loaf topped with Little Gem Lettuce (S), Poached Salmon (F), Cucumber (S) and Giant Red Spring Onion (S) combined with Fat Free Natural Yoghurt seasoned with Salt and Pepper and finished off with Tomatoes (S) and Extra Cucumber (S)

Open Salmon Sandwich
Giant Red Spring Onions – I hadn’t seen these before. I have placed a 20p next to them for scale. Nice for change, quite strong.

Dinner – Lambs Liver and Onions

I fried the Liver (F), Onions (S), Bacon (F) and Mushrooms in a large frying pan then added a Beef Stock Cube (F) and some Boiling Water. I served with Mashed Potato (F), Broad Beans (F) and Green Beans (S)


Liver with Veg and Mash.

Snacks – Muller Light Cherry Fruitopolis (T0.5)

Drinks – Black Coffee, No Added Sugar Dilute Juice and Tea I have had at least 6 drinks today.

I had a total of 150ml of 1% Milk today as 1/2 of my Healthy Extra A – the other 1/2 was Cheese with Breakfast.

Treats total for the day = 13.5 from Quorn Sausages x 3 @ 1T each (3T) Muller Fruitopolis x 1 (T0.5) Cadbury Fingers x 4 @ 1.5T each (6T) Fun Size Mars Bar x 1 (4T)


Yummy Treats!

Tomorrow is Weigh Day I hope the scales show a loss – wish me luck!

Clare x

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